Easy Ways to Bring an End to Procrastination

Easy Ways to Bring an End to ProcrastinationPutting things off is a simple explanation of what procrastination is. The very essence of procrastination is prioritizing unimportant tasks in lieu of the more important and urgent ones. Although common sense will tell us to prioritize what’s important, procrastinators choose to do the opposite even if it means they’ll get anxious and stressed out. You see one of the worst things about procrastinating is that people who do it are fully aware that they are procrastinating, but they just can’t control it. And as a result, they get fidgety and frazzled on top of not getting anything done.

If you don’t stop procrastination on its tracks it will get the best of you. It will take your joy, your sense of control, your job, and your integrity among others. And nothing sucks more than not being able to control your own life. Don’t be a slave to procrastination and follow our expert advice on how to put an end to it.


  1. Break big tasks into smaller, doable ones.

As mentioned earlier, procrastinators always come up with reasons for putting things off and one of the most common excuses we hear from them is this, “The task is too overwhelming.” Well, there is a solution for that, break it down into smaller tasks. This is the secret to putting the momentum in motion. Just think of it as breaking down a book into small chapters. Instead of forcing yourself to read an overwhelming 1000 page book why not schedule one chapter at a time. Every chapter means you’ve conquered your tendency to procrastinate.


Every time you notice an aura of procrastination coming your way, right away look at the situation and see if you can do anything about it to make it less overwhelming. If you want to keep things running use this strategy, as it will help you complete your tasks on time.


  1. When you work, take small chunks of your time.

Whoever said breaks are for the lazy was wrong and whoever said so was probably a procrastinator. Successful people do better in their jobs because they take breaks. Here are some of their secrets to finishing top tasks on time. Number one is they don’t work when they aren’t inspired. If you get tired after working for sixty minutes straight, get out of the office and inhale lungsful of fresh air and wait until your mood comes back. But once it does come back take advantage of it. Number two is you should alternate the easy tasks with the difficult ones so you can see some progress and tick off a few items from your to-do list rather than completely get stuck with the tough ones.


This strategy has been proven to be effective by so many people. If you feel suffocated with so much work going on go out and do something that you love. Clean your desk, have some coffee, talk to a friend. Just remember to not use up all your time on breaks. Just do it quickly to get your mind off work for a while and then when you get back, work full blast on a fast and steady pace.