Overcoming Perfectionism without Beating Yourself Up

Overcoming Perfectionism without Beating Yourself UpBeing a perfectionist is a tough job. Contrary to what other people assume, a perfectionist is not someone who has his life in perfect order. In fact, their lives aren’t even close to perfection. Being a perfectionist can be described as having a ridiculous obsession of wanting things to be perfect. They want their jobs, their performance, their partners, their kids, and everything they are involved in to be flawlessly perfect.

I myself had once been a perfectionist and let me just say that those were the worst years of my life. It was difficult to swallow seeing my life in a perpetual state of disarray all because I failed at being a perfectionist. The dissatisfaction consumed me on a daily basis that I beat myself up emotionally. It was very difficult for me to cope and that was when I decided to rid myself of that horrible, self-destructive nature. Along the way, I realized a few things and I want to share this with people who also want out from the traps of perfectionism. Here are ways I found successful in overcoming perfectionism.

Think of perfection as dull and boring.

Only when you think this way can you slowly rid yourself of that perfectionist mindset. Life isn’t perfect and we live in a completely imperfect world, but that’s what makes it fun and exciting. If your life was mapped out and you vigilantly follow that blueprint it wouldn’t be as interesting if you just let it unfold on its own. Take for example my friends who recently came home from their honeymoon. They narrated the story and all of us around the table let out loud unrestrained guffaws as they told us how terrible yet exciting their experience was when they reached their destination. It was all filled with bloopers that we just laughed it off. And mind you, they enjoyed and reveled at the mishaps. You see, if their honeymoon was perfect we wouldn’t be laughing as hard as we did. Perfection is boring. Always remember that.

Practice will not make you perfect.

Striving for perfection is a hollow feat. Remember the time when your piano teacher told you that practice makes perfect? Well, she probably didn’t think it through when she said it because practice never achieves perfection but it can improve your performance. When you strive for perfection you will only get disappointed. Save yourself from feeling bad and discouraged by changing your mindset. Practice doesn’t make it perfect; it makes your performance better.

Just do your best. Doing your best is perfection in itself.

Every single time I submit a report I feel bad afterward. I always think that it’s not perfect or that I could have done better. But you know what I realized something, it came as an epiphany when my friend asked me if I did my best. And I was quick to answer “Of course I did.” And then it dawned on me that perfection happens when you just simply do the best that you can. Even though it doesn’t fit the definition of perfect, at least, you did whatever you can to make it look like one. Doing your best is more than enough. All the worries, stress and anxieties dissipated once I programmed my mind to think that I did my best and that’s as good as it gets.