Why You Should Not Fear Making Mistakes

Why You Should Not Fear Making MistakesWhile it may be okay at some level to have a tinge of this personality trait, having a dominant perfectionist peculiarity is another story and if you can’t control it your life will be a complete disaster. When a perfectionist fails to satiate what he has in mind emotional turmoil of sorts is felt and this, my friend, is the toughest to get rid of. That is why there is nothing good about being a perfectionist at all unless you learn how to control it. But if your pursuit causes you to have self-doubt and bouts of self-loathing then perhaps you should consider overcoming this debilitating personality trait because it won’t do you any good. Don’t be fooled by the smiles perfectionists display on the outside because, in truth, their insides are screaming in insecurities and frustrations.

Perfectionists fear mistakes and because of this fear they become paralyzed. Instead of pursuing something they just give it up for fear that things might go wrong. One thing that helped me get through this is when I changed my perspective and drilled it in my head that nobody is perfect. I am bound to make mistakes, but it is through these mistakes that I will come out stronger and wiser. If I lived a perfect life I wouldn’t be able to learn and appreciate what I have now.

My journey to overcoming perfectionism was not easy. It’s true that when you are born with it, it would be difficult to rid yourself of it but never impossible. Every day was a struggle, but everyday I chose to be the better person. It was a battle of the mind. I was torn between striving for perfection and accepting life as it is. Inevitably, with practice, I was able to overcome my perfectionist nature and it was the wisest decision I’ve made in my life. It liberated me from the walls I inadvertently built around myself. I was finally free and it made my life less stressful. How I managed to overcome perfectionism was the biggest challenge I had in my entire life knowing that I was naturally born a perfectionist.

It takes courage, discipline and a whole lot of effort to create a different perspective in your head and to actually believe it. So, for those of you who are still trapped in the notion that life is perfect and that you need it to be perfect, just stop. Listen to yourself and realize that the thoughts that play in your head are not safe and if you allow it to control you, you’ll end up unhappy.